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I’m passionate about helping and guiding people to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

What we eat has a tremendous effect in our health. If we only depend on take out foods or restaurant meals we have no control of the quality and quantity of ingredients that are been used. The only way to take control of our health is to get to the kitchen and prepare our own meals. That doesn’t mean we need to spend hours cooking or know how to perfectly julienne a vegetable. It’s all about the choices of the ingredients and the love we put in when making a meal to nourish ourselves, our family and friends.

Every time we bring the fork to our mouth we are choosing between health and disease. What we eat has a huge impact in our health.

I’m not a professionally trained chef. I’ve been cooking and collecting recipes since I was a little girl. I used to watched my grandmother bake cakes every Friday, I wasn’t allowed to touched anything because if I did that the cake could go bad. I used to collect recipes from magazines and from cookbooks, getting ideas and inspiration, then modifying them to a healthier version.

I kept collecting cookbooks and diet related books. I tried many different diets, from microbiotics to Atkins. I was  vegetarian for years until I became deeply anemic and was told that I had to add some beef to my diet. in the 80s I went on the so popular low-fat high-process, artificial-everything diet.  Then it was time to ditch to whole wheat breads and pasta.

And during all my life I always thought I was healthy and doing the best I could to be in my best possible shape and health. It wasn’t until I started my nutrition program at IIN that I learned that a diet that it’s based on WHOLE, REAL foods was the only alternative.

There is not one perfect diet. We are all different people, with different lives, different activity levels, living in different parts of the world and we will have different dietary needs.

One thing we all have in common- we need to know what it’s in our plates, we need to have control and a choice of what we decide to eat. The only way we can do that is to cook our meal at home. That way you know you bought an organic, local, seasonal food and you are feeding that to your family.

Now I wanted to make sure that my clients will get to the kitchen and will cook their meals, so I enrolled at the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. I learned more about cooking and creating healthy recipes.

I also learned how to:

  • Develop meal plans
  • Modify and test recipes
  • Teach cooking classes & workshops
  • Work with specific health conditions
  • Use food as medicine

I don’t believe in counting calories or labeling a specific dietary approach like “Paleo”, “Raw Food”,”Vegan”, etc. As Meghan Telpner of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition says, ”labels are for tin cans”. I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support YOU.

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