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Don’t just take my word for it! Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of teaching some wonderful clients and helping many people, friends and family reach their personal nutrition and health goals.

An afternoon in Karina Muro’s kitchen is an inspiring and tasty treat. One is greeted by Karina personally who comes to the door all smiles and beauty. Karina is tall, elegant and capable. Her knowledge of health and nutrition is endless and her humor while answering the most mundane to challenging question never wanes. Her kitchen is a delight. All the food is organic, fresh and stored as if her kitchen was being filmed: mason jars, hand written labels and a bevy of “must-have” cooking utensils.
Karina’s recipes are fascinating. She takes a variety of healthy disparate ingredients and makes delicious dishes. She works with such ease that you forget how much planning and prep work is involved. I’ve become addicted to some of her recipes. I make her overnight oats for breakfast everyday, snack on her nutty breakfast cookies and protein balls, and treat my husband to her salads and entree recipes in the evening. A class or consult with Karina is a must for a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Denise G.
The cooking class really helped me start eating healthily. I learned how quick and easy it is to make food that tastes good and is actually delicious!! I completely feel that the class made my life easier in the way that I can now make quick simple meals that make me feel great!
Isabel W.
I really enjoyed the class! It opened up my eyes to just how easy eating healthy can be. I learned many skills that shortened my prep time and made me a more efficient chef. The class was a fun way to help improve my cooking and show just how a few little changes can make food much healthier for you. Thanks Karina!
Claire P.
I took a class with Karina and it was very helpful to learn the different for cooking and food. The class was inspiring and fun! Karina has a flair for putting ingredients together to come up with tasty new recipes or an interesting twist on an old one. I strongly recommend Karina as a competent and knowledgeable Chef and wish her best of luck in her future goals.
Leyla A.
As someone who loves to eat healthy and maintain and healthy style, Karina’s class was perfect! Going off to college will pose some challenges in terms of preparing foods easily but she guided us in the right direction of how to do so even when we’re away. She knows exactly what to put with what and it really manifested into the great food we prepared!
Sydney L.
Until today the only place I really knew of that I would have a good and healthy meal is in Karina’s house. Her classes taught me that is not so hard in the end to be healthy and not so complicated. The only problem that I have now is that my daughter discovered how good Karina’s food is and now wants to have dinner 3x a week at her house!
Claudia H.
After just one class with Karina, my perspective on how I eat and what I cook had changed. She is so well-informed and so well-prepared and so able to explain her philosophy and recipes in a direct, uncomplicated way. Karina knows her stuff and can provide a wide variety of ingredient choices, emphasizing the flexibility and ease in cooking and eating with less sugar and less gluten while maintaining plenty of flavor. Her classes are also a lot of fun; she manages to find a great group of students every time I’ve been at one of her classes.
Debra N.

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